Friday, June 3, 2011

All About Me: By Bubba

The following is taken from a kindergarten project written and produced by Bubba (italicized words were written by Bubba himself).

"My name is Bubba.

I am 6 years old.

My eyes are brown.

My hair is brown.

The thing I like best about school is lunch and pe.

My favorite animal is a tigre.

My favorite food is sae food (imagine a Southern drawl).

My favorite game is the kuntucudrbe (we think this is Kentucky Derby).

My favorite book is hary potr (he's never read this book or had it read to him...but, okay).

My favorite thing to do is be stubrn (preaching to the choir on this one).

My best friend is a fotbol plary.

Things I like to do with my friends are get my nerf guns tu cun u wae and tont my mom (re: get my Nerf guns taken away and taunt my mom).

Something I do really well at: being werd.

What people like about me: becus i rock.

Ways I am a good friend: I fix thar Moms car so they can go sum war. I am lasy."

That concludes this week's episode of getting to know Bubba.

Bubba: Top left...nuff said!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Month in the Life

To blog or not to blog?

That is the question.

Over the past year when things would happen in my life I would run through my mind how I would document it on my blog. The past few months the blog has been like another job, complete with the guilt of letting it slide. Let’s not forget Cool Dad who did NOT step in and pick up the slack.

Then it happened…I realized that this is my journal, this is how I have documented the past year of our life. I started the blog when we moved to our new home. I wanted to be able to keep family and friends updated on our happenings, but it has become so much more, and I realized if I don’t document the wonderful things my kids are doing I will lose them forever, not to mention that Cool Dad’s antics must be documented for future “use” against him.

So, here it goes.

Bubba calls oatmeal Yoatmeal.

Pie calls photographers photographiers (photograph e ears).

When you ask College Daughter how something not so good feels. She still says, “not berry good.” Just like when she was little.

College daughter likes to lay on the couch with her head in my lap and tell me all about college while I play with her hair.

Pie can’t wait to start swim team in a few weeks.

Bubba wants to play flag football more than he wants to breathe.

Cool Dad and I drove College Daughter and her friend, Noelle to the beach in San Deigo, and they didn’t even get in the water.

Pie prays every night that she will get the 3rd grade teacher that she wants. I do too.

Bubba would play Mario Kart 24/7 if we would let him.

Hot Mom misses FarmGirl and AnneBabe.

Pie can’t wait to spend some time with Aunt Nona this summer for some rock polishing, and Bubba wants to call her every day and remind her that she promised him he could ride a horse when he is there this summer.

Bubba asks, “How many more minutes?” ALL OF THE TIME. For EVERYTHING.

Cool Dad is taking Hot Mom to a COLD location for the big anniversary trip (does he not know me at all)?

Bubba finished his second season of T-ball. Is there anything cuter than little boys in baseball uniforms?

Pie is getting to be so grown up. It is fun to take her to the grocery store with me. She is a big help.

College daughter has determined that manual labor is not for her. The lifeguards had to clean the pool and paint the play structure prior the pool opening. Good thing she is in college.

Bubba and Cool Dad had an awesome time at Father’s and Sons. They really need a new tent. Every year they sleep in a one man pup tent.

Cool Mom got the worst sunburn of her life floating down the river on a tube. Sunscreen is awesome, and when it is applied you should not miss random spots like armpits, a stripe down one leg, and a stripe across the thighs. It is an interesting look.

Now you are all caught up. There is only one thing left to say, as only Alice Cooper can.


Bring it. The Heat Wavers are ready!!