Sunday, March 2, 2014

Get the Bat

Pie's ambition in life apparently is a party planner.  She wants to be the hostess with the mostest. 

This week's party is to welcome Married Daughter and Married Daughter's Husband (known now forevermore as "Bob") to our house for their Spring Break.  At first, Pie contemplated a Jamaican-themed party to welcome them, but that fizzled when she couldn't readily think of the Jamaican word for "party".  She briefly thought of throwing a Mexican-style fiesta, but she remembered that she already did that for Bud a few years back.  However, she did note the rousing success of the pinata on that occasion and vowed to use a pinata on this occasion.  She and Bud bounced a few ideas off of each other before she finally settled on an Italian-themed party.

The following ensued:

Pie:  Bud, you and Bob and Mom can have pizza.  Married Daughter and I can have pasta.  And, Dad, you can have salad.

Cool Dad:  Oh, goodie.  I get salad!

Pie:  Oh, and we will have a pinata.  It will be so awesome.  I wonder what kind of a pinata the Italians would hit at their party...

A lengthy pause with much deep thinking...

Bud (with quiet resolve and a confidence born of great deductive reasoning):  A French chef!

And that, my friends, is how conversations at our house go.  You're welcome.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Do Over

Is there a rule on the number of times a blogger can “start over”, make a resolution to “be better” at blogging.  Somewhere it must be written in the blogger code.  Well, I guess until someone tells me I have had my last chance I guess I will give this another go. 

I hope I have a better reason this time.  One that will keep me trying.  We have a no TV/electronics rule on Sunday before church (those of you who know my husband know it would be useless to try and enforce this rule all day…hello, FOOTBALL).  However, I have held firm to the before church rule.  I absolutely LOVE the silence every Sunday morning.  My kids have to be a little more imaginative, they have to talk to us or each other.  This morning I heard them laughing, I mean like belly laughs, laughing.  It was fabulous, I loved it.  What were they doing???  They were reading the blog books that Cool Dad and I had made from our previous blogs.  It was amazing.  The loved reading the stories about when they were small.

It made me sad to realize that I can’t create books for 2012 and 2013.  So may memories that I didn’t document.  I am not much of a journal writer, and I couldn’t scrapbook to save my life, so I guess I better blog!