Saturday, October 30, 2010


As a parent, I am wholly dysfunctional. I am not always consistent. I probably don't spend enough quality time with my children. I yell at times. I get frustrated. But one thing I know...

When Bud screams at the top of his lungs, "GIVE ME CHOCOLATE MILK!" for 22 minutes in a row, he does not in fact get said chocolate milk.

Instead...he gets 22 minutes in the time-out chair in the middle of the living room. The volume of his pleas gets progressively louder and louder, but for some reason he doesn't get the milk and he doesn't get to leave the time-out chair.

Meanwhile, devious older child, Pie, sits like an angelic princess full of "Pleases" and "Thank yous".

It is really amazing how sickeningly sweet Pie can behave when she doesn't have to compete with Bud's normal good nature. It is the teeter-totter effect. Neither one of them can be on the high ground without driving the other to devastating depths and vice-a-versa.

Funny, really. Or really annoying on a Saturday morning.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So Pie has a problem biting her nails and putting her fingers in her mouth when she gets nervous and...well...any other time. So...tonight we may have put the thumb-sucking, nail-biting, vomit-inducing cure all on her fingers while she was asleep in an attempt to break her of the habit.

It drives us nuts.

She claims she doesn't do it.

We shall see.

I am betting on a complete and utter come-apart at about 7:15 tomorrow morning.

Good times...good times...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monsters and Pumpkins and Costumes...Oh My

I am fully willing to admit that I do NOT like messes. Many things are on the NO WAY list because, let's face it they are just plain messy. Gak-NO WAY; Silly Putty-NO WAY; mud pies-NO WAY; Easter Egg coloring-Only when I celebrate with my sister and she forces me; Pumpkin Carving-I would really rather not. However, the haunting season is upon us, and all Pie could talk about is how she wished her class this year would carve pumpkins and count the seeds again, because that was SO AWESOME. Poor Bubba has no recollection of ever carving a pumpkin. Based on this it is quite obvious we are bad parents.

Time to turn this boat around. (Sorry college girl, that it is too late for you. I admit there were MANY years where we just painted our pumpkins. Oh the years of therapy I am going to be paying for.)

To start the party off I cut black plastic bags apart, and lined the entire dining room floor to ceiling. Then we had a mini class on the do's and dont's of pumpkin carving, hand washing, and NOT shaking your hands while covered in goo. Once they signed their cleanliness contracts we were all set to begin.

A good time was had by most of the participants. You can see by Cool Dad's expression why he never really forced the no pumpkin carving ban.

Luckily Pie was a master at gutting the pumpkin and I didn't have to participate too much.

In addition to Monday's great carving activity, I am also busy planning Trunk or Treat, and sewing Bubba's costume. I know, what was I thinking. What can I say there were not any cute Knight costumes in the stores.

He thinks he might die before I finish it (I think I might die before I finish it), and every night he has been hovering over me checking my progress. It is true that most of my sewing has to happen after bedtime, and honestly, I should be sewing right now, not blogging. He is also very concerned about what Cool Dad and I will be for Halloween. I am going as a crazed housewife this year.

Cool Dad couldn't come up with a good costume. I mean what could really beat last year's costume when he wrote "book" on his "face".

Luckily Bubba has come to his rescue. He has made his dad a costume. We think it is pretty good. I just need to find Cool Dad a black shirt to go with his black pants and I can pin this awesome costume on him. Pretty clever, don't you think??

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Gets SHOT!

By way of a happy accident we stumbled onto a great Saturday activity. Pie was supposed to attend cheer camp, but it was canceled (thanks for calling us cheerleaders). The boys had planned to go to a great park with a huge castle playground. Since our plans were canceled we decided to join them.

Once we arrived at the playground we noticed there were a ton of cars and we almost ran the other direction. Luckily we didn't. Fish and Game, Forrest Service, and BLM put together some great outdoor activities; including fishing, archery, shooting, panning for gold, and learning about the outdoors. You would think that since once of these agencies is our bread and butter we would actually know about this, but no, we had to stumble onto it accidentally. No matter, we still had a great time.

Bubba LOVED the archery. So much so that he came home and made his own bow and arrow. Excuse the mini camera phone picture.

His bow and arrow actually work. He can shoot the arrows about 10-12 feet. I finally had to take it away when he got so good that it became a serious weapon. He was not happy, and complained that, "Indian moms didn't take their bows and arrows". Well I bet they did if they almost shot their sister's eye out!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bud Zinger

Hot Mom and I attended Parent-Teacher Conferences yesterday and had a wonderful time. Both Bud and Pie are doing great and they are both "exceeding" expectations in their respective classes. We had worried about Pie as she is a worry-wort and does not do good with change, but it appears as though she is figuring things out and excelling at everything. Her reading scores are VERY high and her math scores are equally as high. We have some work to do on her writing, but she is doing great. We are very proud.

As for Bud...

His teacher confirmed that when she is feeling down, she just goes and sits next to Bud in class and he cheers her up. She couldn't quit talking about what a funny, smart, and interesting kid he is. She related the following:

The kids in the class were asked to make over-sized paper people as one of their tasks for kindergarten. They did this by making a head and attaching it to a body and then making arms and legs and attaching them to the body with glue. All went well, except during transport to the brag board in the hallway, several of the "big" people fell to the floor and their heads or arms or legs fell off.

The teacher needed help so she called to the children whose people had fallen (one of which was Bud).

"Hey, you guys, the heads on your people popped off in the hallway and I need your help to reattach them."

Bud thought about it for a second.

"Miss M," he began, "I don't think my insurance will cover that."

He is now her favorite.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That is One Stubborn Girl

One of my children is a little stubborn. I hate to say which one, so I won't, but most of will know.

She is a master a making her point, and if she says she is going to do something she rarely backs down. Sometime she compromises, but on her own terms.

Case in point: Yesterday, she was mad about how much homework she had. Since it is early out Bubba doesn't have homework this week and she does. She is also the child who is highly against things that are unfair (that she gets from her older sister), but that is a different post. So, her answer to unfair amounts of homework...she announced that she would not be sleeping in her bed, and no matter what I said she would never change her mind. Ok, I can't really see the correlation between homework and not sleeping in your bed, but whatever floats your boat.

Finally after two long and painful hours we completed home work that should have taken 30 minutes tops, and we were able to continue on with our night. Fast forward to bedtime and she announces once again that she will not be sleeping in her bed. What?? This again? Whatever girl, you are going to bed, I don't care where you sleep.

So, just to prove her point. She slept on the floor of her room. NOT in her bed.

This is most certainly a Cool Dad trait.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Pumpkin Pie

I know, I know. We are only a few months into this blog and already we are slackers. I better catch up with some October events.

At the beginning of the month we celebrated Pie's 8th birthday. She is our October baby and has always been our "Pumpkin Pie". She loves that her birthday is in October. It is her favorite month. She happily took Halloween cookies to her class. We were lucky enough to spend her birthday in Julian, CA at Apple Days. We even had some family from LA come down and meet us. She was thrilled.

Last weekend we headed to the old stomping grounds. We wanted to baptize Pie with family around. It was a wonderful weekend, and Pie was thrilled to wear the beautiful dress that her Grandma made her. I had hoped to get her out and take some good pictures, but it has been a busy week, so this is the only picture I have.

On Sunday we had a great family Fiesta, complete with Pinatas. The kids had a great time, and by kids I mean college daughter's friends who came with her for the weekend. The pinatas and wiggle cars were a bit hit. There was only one small pinata incident, but my sister doesn't want me to talk about it here. She is concerned about OSHA pulling her license.

It was a great way to spend a weekend. Even with all of the fun and cousin time we were happy to come home. It would have been nice to come home to cooler weather, but still happy to be home.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clothing: 101

Sorry that we have been such blog slackers. I know that both of the people that read our blog have been checking it every hour on the hour, and we have continued to disappoint them. Sorry.

We have had a birthday and a few other things going on that I will blog about later, but right now I need to address the current issue at hand.

As you may have heard we have moved south. What do you get when you go south, warmer weather. You all know that when I say warmer, I mean hotter than McDonalds coffee. I had hoped that as fall rolled around it would start to cool down. I had especially hoped that when the RV's started rolling in they would bring some cooler weather with them. No such luck.

I do understand the whole older folks following a more temperate climate, what I don't understand is why they come here when it is still 140 degrees. Which leads us to today lesson:

Clothing 101:

Women should always wear a bra, it might even be more important when you are 80.

Nobody over age of 19 should wear Daisy Dukes. That is 19, not 91.

Tube tops do not look good on anyone.

Hey old guys, put sun screen on those bald heads. That sunburn looks like it REALLY hurts.

Brown socks and sandals, not only ugly, but also HOT.

Men's shirts should always be long enough to tuck into their pants.

Wife beaters...not so much.

Test next week.