Saturday, August 27, 2011

We are Rocking the Parenting World

I am trying to decide if I should title this post "Way to Parent Cool Dad & Hot Mom, or, "In Our Defense, She Does Cry Wolf...Often"

Friday was Cool Dad's day off. He was all set to sleep in, lounge, read, sleep, watch sports, read, sleep, watch sports. Until, the call came in. "Hello, this is the school, your daughter is sick, can you come get her?"

As soon as Cool Dad figures out who I am talking to on the phone he is yelling in the background, "No way, she did this two weeks ago on my day off. (Which is true, he did have to go to the school, and at that time determined she was not sick enough to come home so he left her there). "There is no way I am going to go get her."

I politely tell the nurse that I doubt she is sick since she really didn't want to go to school because her whole class was going to have to stay in at recess and write sentences. Pie thought this was entirely unfair because she didn't do anything wrong, and shouldn't be punished for what everyone else did. I think she should talk to College Daughter about that one. Half of College Daughter's conversations with me start with, "It is so unfair..."

The nurse then goes on to explain that her temp is normal, but she is complaining of an earache, and her ear is a little red and did I want to come get her. (Cool Dad is still yelling in the background that he is not going to that school.)

I finally tell the nurse that we would come get her. Cool Dad stomps off to the school, and takes her straight to Insta Care thinking this may cure the calls on his days off.

One ear infection, and two prescriptions later it looks like we will be spending the weekend at home.

P.S. She totally got out of writing sentences. How did she do that?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Project Runway

We have a budding fashion designer in our midst. Pie, loves to draw. She actually prefers landscapes. She might get that from me since I tend to prefer photographing landscapes over people. However, lately she has been trying her hand at fashion design.

Here are two of her latest.

You will notice that this one has a cute little purse to go with the skirt and blouse.

The blue blob on the bottom started out as a hat, but it didn't work, so she scrapped it.

Now if we could just get these into production, and she could start bringing in some cash.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot


I think all of the fluff blogs about the kiddies have lulled you into think we live in a climate controlled fantasy land. Not true.


Yesterday 114 degrees
Today 116 degrees
Tomorrow 118 degrees

Here are some things that happen when it is this hot.

• Heat Stroke-Hello Cool Dad, HYDRATE.

• Football practice. Do we still make six year olds practice for two hours in the heat? Yes, we do.

• Old people wear even less clothes than normal in the grocery store. I will save you the specifics so you won’t have to cleanse your minds.

• While waiting for children at the bus stop your hiney will BURN while sitting on the sidewalk.

• If your child does not eat the applesauce you so lovingly place in her lunchbox, and she then leaves the lunchbox on the playground while playing after lunch, the applesauce will EXPLODE all over said lunchbox.

• Hot Mom gets to try out her new kayak on the river.

• The AC bill is $380 for ONE month.

• If your children sneak into the fridge in the garage and steal your baking chocolate chips, and drop them on the floor they will melt immediately, and become a sticky mess tracked into the house.

• It is very important NOT to walk outside without shoes.

• While driving down the road with the AC blasting you in the face there is still sweat running down your back.

• Finally, the most important thing to note about the heat is the fact that once it is over 110 degrees there are no calories in a 44oz Froster from Circle K. I mean come on, with that kind of heat the calories just melt off, right?

Have I mentioned that it is hotter than hades here?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (I think last year's post was called the same thing)

Well, that time of the year has rolled around again, and by that time I mean, "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year". I already posted the old Staples commercial to my Facebook page, so I will save all of you blogger from suffering through it again.

The kiddies started school a week and a half ago. I know, it sounds a little anti-climatic to say it like that , but did any of you think I would actually get pics posted within the same week? I figure as long as I am before everyone starts school I am still in good shape.

Both kids got the teachers they wanted, which is a big win in my book. Since it is our second year at this school everything is old hat, and things went off without a hitch.

These kids, they are a growin'!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dodger Blue

Friday afternoon we headed to Phoenix for our last bit of fun before school starts. We have been talking about taking the kids to a Diamondback's game, and finally decided to go when they were playing the Dodgers. I believe I have mentioned Cool Dads true love of the Dodgers. Cool Dad had found some inexpensive seats for us which is good because of the price, but bad because Pie spent the first inning clinging to me because she is afraid of heights, and we were VERY high up in the stands.

I like to call this picture. "Passing on the Dodger Love" Bubba was so excited to go to the game. He LOVED it. He talked non-stop (not that that is unusual for him), and asked a million questions. I think the poor people around us might not have appreciated the running commentary. It took Pie a little while to warm up, and she did her best to "not love being there", but eventually she couldn't help herself and she started having a great time. There were some benefits being in the super high seats. No lines at the concession stand, not a ton of people all around you, and we were close to the kids area. Both kids got to hit some balls at the little batting cage.

Can you even see the players in this picture???

There was one other HUGE benefit to sitting up that high. They take pity on you, and when it comes time to look for people to sit down on the field during the fireworks, they choose people from the nose bleed seats. Cool Dad had just taken Bubba to the little man's room for about the hundredth time when a lady offered him four of these. These little babies got us down on the field after the game sitting at home plate watching the fireworks. Talk about fun! The kids were dying, even Pie had to admit it was the best thing ever.

We had a great time at the game. Cool Dad thought the fireworks were great too, but the best part for him, the DODGER'S WON!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


While passing Food City (a local economy grocery store):

Bubba: Oh, Dad, Food City looks like a great place to go into.

Cool Dad: Why is that Buddy?

Bubba: 'Cause its called "Food City" and I'm super hungry.

Cool Dad: Yep, I bet the food in there is delicious.

Bubba: Dad?

Cool Dad: Yeah, Bud?

Bubba: You know you can't say that to girls.

Cool Dad: What, Bud?

Bubba: You can't say THAT to girls.

Cool Dad: Delicious?

Bubba: Yeah, Dad. You can only say that to Barbies and Polly Pockets. Oh, and if you're in college or high school.

Cool Dad: So you can't say, "Hey, Baby, you are delicious."?

Bubba: Nope.

Cool Dad: So have you ever said that to a girl.

Bubba: No way.

Cool Dad: But if you were in college you would say it?

Bubba: No way, Dad!

Cool Dad: So what would you say?

Bubba: I'd say, "Hey, Baby, I'm your ex-boyfriend."