Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bubba Grows Up...A Little Too Fast

Here in the world of the Heat Wavers we divide up the chores.  Cool Dad is responsible for folding the laundry while watching sports.  He also, is the dish rinser after dinner.  He takes the kiddies to school, does garbage, cleans up barf, and multiple other tasks.  I can’t go into much more detail because then I would have to divulge that he does not put gas in the vehicles.  That is the downfall of having three cars.  If one is empty he just moves on to a new one.  One of his other jobs is boy haircuts.  I have him convinced it is bonding thing.  Something they can enjoy together.

Off they go yesterday for the big haircut outing, and what does he bring home? Not my cute sweet little boy.  Not my darling little angel who has promised to be my baby forever.  No, he brings home a MARINE!  Hello, high and tight!  Who thought that was a good idea??

I have already been struggling with the fact that my baby went to Senior Primary today (I told him I thought it would be best if we “held him back” in Junior Primary, but he didn’t agree),  I didn’t need to see him come through the door looking like a grown up.

Cool Dad assures me that Bubba had some crazy hair ideas, and this was a compromise, but this just screams Ray from Everybody Loves Raymond.  Nicely played, Cool Dad, nicely played.  Looks like Hot Mom will be taking over the trips for haircuts.


Here is a picture of my handsome little man.

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  1. This begs the question: If Hot Mom is taking over the trips to the barber, what chore is Cool Dad taking over for Hot Mom??